Former NFL Cheerleader, Rachel Wray, Does BJJ And MMA

Instagram/Rachel Wray

Rachel Wray (not to be confused with Rachel Ray, the cook) ditched her skirt for a gi and a pair of shorts.

Wray, a former cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs, is a blue belt in BJJ and also competes in MMA.

In a 2015 interview with Fox Sports, Wray said that she had taken home 10 gold medals in various BJJ tournaments.

Her MMA is not off to a bad start, either. So far she has only fought in four amateur bouts, and she has lost the last two, but her first two victories came by way of TKO.

She has not set foot in the cage since 2014, and may be taking a break from the sport.

You can check out her last fight below:


  1. This article is a joke she doesn’t train with McKenzie dern , she trains w like 5 white belts ar fayeteville jiujitsu in fayeteville arkansas , this pic with dern was taken during a seminar Dern provided . Rachel wray is not an active competitor either. What a fake article .


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