To Flow Roll Or Not To Flow Roll? That Is The Question?

When it comes to training there are normally two types of people in the world. The Flow Rollers, and the “go hard every round” guys. I know there is a lot of in-between here, but there are two common camps of thought. People have mixed views on the subject and some get quite serious about the subject, so first I want to clarify something. This article is NOT saying that you shouldn’t train hard. Hard training is a very important part of growth and cannot be avoided. Instead I want to focus on the arguments for and against “flow rolling”

To Flow

  • Flow rolling provides a learning experience that cannot be achieved in hard and fast training. Flow rolling allows us to counter each other’s moves over and over; this causes us to learn details and times that are more challenging in hard training.
  • If we flow, then we can roll a lot longer. Sometimes it is challenging to roll for an hour straight if every round is with the kill or be killed mentality. When we flow we can get a decent sweat on, while still setting a pace that is much more manageable.
  • If we flow we are safe. Flow rolling affords us much more protection from injuries than any hard training session. Simply put, if we train in a much more mild pace; the risk for injury is a lot lower.

Not To Flow

  • If you flow then you don’t learn “true timing”. In order to be effective in applying a technique you must practice against a fully resisting opponent. Flow rolling makes things seem easier than they really are and will lead to bad habits.
  • Hard Training Conditions the body. If you want to be competitive you need to train hard and allow your body to push itself and become more athletic. Jiu-Jitsu is a sport and athleticism will indeed help especially the cardio you will gain.

What do you think about the subject of flow rolling? How should it be used and when?



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