Francis Ngannou Still the Champ After Fending Off Three Young Jiu-Jitsu Students

Current UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou is one of the scariest men in the world, but that didn’t stop a few BJJ students from the Francis Ngannou Foundation (FNF) from using their jiu-jitsu skills to try to submit him.

Siblings Djibril and Duprince used the skills that BJJ black belt and FNF coach Sam Crook had taught them to do their best to bring down the champ in a playful jiu-jitsu session. It wasn’t enough, though, and soon, their older brother Talé jumped in to help. Ngannou fended off the multiple attackers, but just barely — check out those choke attempts!

The FNF is currently looking for volunteers to travel to Batié, Cameroon to help teach and train with kids in BJJ. You can learn more about the initiative and the Batié Death Squad here.

Visit the LionHeart Volunteer Batié Project webpage for details on the Initiative’s concept for support and volunteer fundraising for this unique opportunity to travel and teach off the beaten path. Dedicate a fundraiser on Facebook to support LionHeart volunteer travelers, or see other fundraising options at Initiative’s fundraising page to make an immediate and direct impact on this worthwhile endeavor.

Learn more about the Initiative’s vision and programs in Africa and contact them at for serious inquiries. Contact coach Sam Crook directly through WhatsApp +447 889 441 179 or on Instagram @sammichaelcrook.



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