Frequent 3CG Attendee Reveals He Was Sick With COVID-19 During Time Of Canceled Show

3rd Coast Grappling received widespread criticism when it scaled back its highly anticipated 3CG IV event at the very beginning of COVID-19’s spread in the United States. The event, along with almost every other grappling competition, was later canceled due to the outbreak, and now, the promotion has evidence that the cancelation could have prevented other people from getting sick.

In a recent community podcast episode on 3CG Radio, promoter Ryan McGuire had BJJ brown belt and Houston Jiu-Jitsu Community group admin Edgardo Caminos on as a guest. Caminos, McGuire says, is a regular attendee at 3CG shows, usually found in the front row at a table of twenty people. In the podcast, though, Caminos said that he tested positive for the virus in March and was “under the weather” for about two weeks. If the event hadn’t been canceled, Caminos, not knowing what he had until it would’ve been too late, would have been in attendance. With the close quarters and duration of the event, there’s no telling how many people he may have unknowingly infected if 3CG IV had gone ahead.

Check out the clip below, and watch the full podcast here:


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