FYI, Mario Lopez Was In Attendance At ADCC

Image Source: Lauren Sugihara-Daniels

A bunch of us still have friends and family who think that jiu-jitsu is a weird subset of karate, so understandably, we get pretty excited when we learn that a celebrity is One Of Us.

Saved By the Bell star Mario Lopez is among the Hollywood elite who also like to roll around on the mats, and he’s been delightfully open about his jiu-jitsu journey. And if you were at ADCC last weekend, you may have gotten the chance to meet the famous blue belt in person.

Lauren Sugihara-Daniels (who also trains BJJ and is married to Fight 2 Win CEO Seth Daniels) shared a photo that proved that Lopez himself was watching all the action go down at ADCC with his son, sporting an official event shirt and everything.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
Image Source: Lauren Sugihara-Daniels

Lopez also posted about attending the event on his Instagram:

Make no mistake — Lopez doesn’t mess around when it comes to training. He recently underwent surgery for a torn bicep he got while sparring, which explains the splint on his arm.

Hopefully we’ll see even more celebrities-turned-BJJ-practitioners at future grappling events!


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