Garry Tonon Offers ‘Goldylocks’ Dillon Danis Match At Whatever Weight He Wants

Polaris 5

Garry Tonon — much like virtually everyone under Renzo Gracie’s flag — did not appreciate Dillon Danis’ comments about his team.

Dillon Danis was on The MMA Hour on Monday, and referred to Renzo’s Gracie’s students — with the exception of John Danaher — as “pussies.”

Dillon didn’t directly target Eddie Cummings or the Ryan brothers, though. Instead, the only individual he called out by name was Garry Tonon.

This makes sense, considering Dillon has not only fought Garry, but will fight him at Polaris 5 next month.

Dillon accused Garry of being “all talk” and said “no one cares about him anymore.” He also told The MMA Hour‘s host, Ariel Helwani, that he would fight Garry in the street.

You can watch the interview below. Dillon and Helwani starts talking about Renzo’s students at 3:10:48:

Never the silent type, Garry took to Twitter, encouraging his fans to tag “Pablito” and “let the hate” flow through them.

Addressing Dillon’s claims that the match might not happen, Garry also wrote that he would fight “Goldylocks” (a reference to Danis’ dyed, bleach blonde hair) at whatever weight class he wanted:

Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis will be meeting in the main event of Polaris 5 on August 19. You can watch all of the action live on UFC Fight Pass.

By the way, one of Garry Tonon’s coaches, Tom DeBlass, also had some less-than-flattering words for Mr. Danis. Check out the article below:

Tom DeBlass: Tell Dillon To Call Me A P*ssy Face-To-Face


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