Attention BJJ Women: Fill Out This Survey About What You Want From Your Jiu-Jitsu Apparel

Photo Source: Rissa White

If you’re a woman who’s ever gone shopping for new jiu-jitsu gear, you know that the process can be a bit frustrating. It seems like the women’s section of most BJJ apparel websites is either ridiculously sparse or simply nonexistent, with very few manufacturers acting as exceptions.

While, yes, we can certainly shop for men’s clothing instead, a lot of male-designed gear simply doesn’t fit a large portion of female athletes. Lots of women are built with wider hips, larger busts, and smaller waists than their male counterparts, and the result is that we end up spending a lot of money on gis that are too tight in the chest or too wide around the waist, or spats that are too long in the leg area but too small in the butt area.

A friend of mine recently brought this up to a BJJ apparel company she was purchasing from, and they were extremely receptive and wanted to know how they could better cater to potential female customers. So, using some of the questions they asked her and some questions I feel would help apparel manufacturers know what we’re looking for, I made a quick survey… and yep, I need your help. It’s a quick one — less than ten questions long — but I’m hoping it will both help BJJ apparel companies boost their female clientele and give jiujiteiras more and better options when it comes to investing in new gear.

The survey is completely anonymous and will be open for up to a week, so if you’re a woman in the jiu-jitsu scene, I’d love to hear your opinion! Fill it out down below, and keep an eye out for when we publish the results in the near future.



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