Watch Ffion Davies’ Incredible Comeback Submission From Worlds

If there’s a shortlist of grapplers who have consistently been lighting up the competition circuit with thrilling performances on the international stage, Ffion Davies is securely at the top. In her short time as a black belt the scrappy technician has won 2019’s Worlds No-Gi, Brazilian Nationals, and the European Open, and been a standout at sub-only battles.

One of her best matches this year came at Worlds, however, an event she ultimately placed third at. In this showdown between Davies and renowed mat badass Nathalie Ribeiro, Ffion found herself where most fighters of any gender or size would hate to be–dead center in the middle of one of Nat’s deadly triangles.

Instead of crumbling, or just blacking out like most of us would, Davies manages a hard-earned escape, goes directly back into composed attacking, takes the back, and then…

…just watch:

This is the stuff fans of the sport live for.


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