World Champions Rikako Yuasa And Livia Gluchowska To Host Women’s Only BJJ Camp In Thailand

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to go to Thailand, now’s your chance to take the BJJ vacation of your dreams.

Four-time black belt world champion Rikako Yuasa will be teaming up with Livia Gluchowska, who won Worlds as a brown belt in 2016 and was the runner-up at this year’s UAEJJF World Pro, to host a female-only jiu-jitsu camp in Thailand. The camp will run from October 14 to October 21 and feature two training sessions a day (one led by Rikako and one led by Gluchowska), plus other perks like two one-hour sports massages during the camp.

Learn more information about the camp in the video below, and sign up here!

At Absolute St Kilda the average female student puts in a greater amount of time and effort to their technical development than the average male student. If you show up early to class and see who is already on the mat working technique, you will also see why our women's team in particular has had such amazing success. A huge part of that is the influence of 3x world champion and black belt worlds medalist Livia Gluchowska, and she will be running a training camp in Thailand alongside 4x black belt World Champion Rikako Yuasa, who simply has phenomenal jiu jitsu.Rikako also rarely does events like this, so you don't want to miss out!Book now especially while the introductory offer still stands! Oh and make sure to share this (or tag) anyone that might be interested!

Posted by Lachlan Giles on Monday, July 30, 2018


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