Garry Tonon Has Pizza Delivered To Him At KASAI Weigh-In, Eats Whole Thing

Most fighters are struggling to make weight before a weigh-in.

But Garry Tonon is not most fighters.

The multiple-time EBI Champion was apparently so confident he would make weight that thought he would put on an extra few pounds during the weigh-in but scarfing down a whole pizza and washing it down with what looked like a beer (but could have been a root beer).

Tonon jokingly referred to this as the “Garry Tonon diet” and poked fun at the guy staring at his pizza.

 #garrytonondiet Got a sausage peppers and onions pizza delivered to the weigh in and ate the whole thing during the rules meeting. NO @nick.ronan YOU CAN’T HAVE MY PIZZA! BACK OFF! 

Check out the post below:


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