Garry Tonon Receives Second Stripe & Gordon Ryan Receives First Stripe On Their Black Belts

Two of the biggest names in grappling have leveled up.

John Danaher has shared that Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan have earned new stripes on their black belts to reflect the time they’ve spent training at the black belt level, congratulating the athletes for their progress and Tonon’s opening of his new academy. Also in attendance was Tom DeBlass, who gave Tonon his black belt.

“Garry Tonon opens his new school and gets promoted to Second Dan: It was great going out to The wilds of New Jersey and seeing the grand opening bod Garry Tonons new school! He has amassed a fine group of students and is doing an excellent job showing them the kingly art of Jiu Jitsu at @brunswickbjj Even though Mr Tonon is world renown as the most exciting grappler on the planet he does a truly excellent job teaching all aspects of Jiu Jitsu including the more mundane but absolutely crucial fundamentals, so that all ages and body types can be effective on the mat. Joining us were Gordon Ryan, who received his first degree promotion and Garry’s first coach and mentor, Tom DeBlass. It’s a very proud moment for me to see the all round success of my students, not just personal success on the stage, but community success through teaching and mentorship which expands and improves the sport we all love so much. Congratulations to Garry and all his students on the new school!”

Congratulations to both athletes!


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