Garry Tonon Taps Ralek Gracie With A Kneebar In Metamoris 7

Garry Tonon promised he’d get “G in a Gi” tattooed on his left butt cheek if Ralek Gracie tapped him at Metamoris 7.

Luckily (or unlikely, depending on whom you’re asking) the jiu-jitsu world will never have the joy of watching Mr. Tonon wince as some tattoo artist drives a needle into the BJJ pro’s derriere.

Instead, it was Ralek who was doing the wincing.  Tonon dominated the ground, easily passing Gracie’s guard and showing no signs of discomfort, even when he was on his back.

At times, it was clear Ralek was struggling, but in the 30-year-old black belt’s defense, he held his own against his much younger opponent while standing.  Ralek scored an impressive drop seoi nage on Tonon, and later tossed him with suplex.

But it just wasn’t enough. By the time Garry got a hold of Ralek’s feet, the latter’s fate was sealed.  Tonon put on a toe hold, moved to a kneebar, and Ralek tapped.

Garry Tonon had every right to celebrate, as he scored the only submission on the entire card.  However, the 24-year-old and his opponent chose to make peace, bowing to each other and embracing in a show of true sportsmanship.


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