Gordon Ryan Says He Will Call Out Submission He Will Use To Tap Ralek Gracie

Gordon Ryan is not the type of guy to turn down a challenge. We all know that.


What you probably didn’t know is that he’s also the type of guy to not only call out which submission he’ll tap you with, but when he’ll do it. That’s exactly what he’s planning on doing to Ralek Gracie, though. Gracie recently expressed interest in a match with “King Ryan” and Gordon responded on Instagram that he will not only accept, but predict the time and manner of his win. Check out Gordon Ryan’s Instagram post below:

So this photo has no relevance to what I’m about to say but I posted it because i just like the photo. Anyways, @ralekvision has expressed interest in a match with me. Who would watch if I called out the name of the submission that I would hit and the time frame I would hit it in. Who would watch? All funds raised will be going to myself and the athletes not paid by metamoris (supposedly)


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