Geo ‘Freakazoid’ Martinez Talks About Controversial Reset At ADCC Superfight

It was a disappointing day for Geo ‘Freakazoid’ Martinez last Saturday at the ADCC West Coast Trials in Anaheim, California.

In his match against Bruno Frazatto, Geo locked in one his “sneaky” head and arm chokes. When the two rolled off the mat with the choke still locked in, Martinez expected the match to be reset where the two left off.

For some reason, ADCC officials decided otherwise.

“I expected them to reset me with at least a head and arm control,” Freakazoid told Verbal Tap. “But you know, no excuses.”

Geo also took some time to praise a tournament he holds two titles in – the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI):

“You know, when there’s a lot of rules involved, that means there’s going to be some mistakes. Humans make mistakes. That’s why I like to simplify events like EBI. All you got to do is submit someone. If you don’t submit him, you don’t win. Simple as that!”

Check Geo Martinez’ entire interview with Verbal Tap above.


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