Two Grapplers Go At It Despite Almost 100-Pound Weight Difference

With all the importance martial arts competitions give to making weight, it is always interesting to see what happens when you let two men – one who is 90 pounds heavier than the other – go at it.

In match, Marcelo Cohen (135 pounds) took on Coringa Conway (225 pounds).

If you were expecting Cohen to get bullied, think again. The match turned out quite differently than most people would expect.

Check it out above!


  1. he wasn’t bullied because i was respectful . which in retrospect i regret dearly due to the fact of how disrespectful he was after the match. this was a 10 minute sub only match where i was told i lost because of the sweep seen in this highlight video. that my top control meant nothing because im bigger and thats expected . that his butt scooting and staling were ok . i hope the whole video gets posted so this gets corrected .

    • There isn’t any reason to be making excuses now. Take the loss, move on and use it to make you better. He clearly had a superior jiu jitsu game than you. Even if you weren’t using all of your strength you should have been able to submit him. You cannot deny he’s a very talented grappler. He deserved that win.

  2. Hahaha. This article is a joke. Coringa was maybe using 1/5 of his strength. His deadlift max: 615 lbs (close to 3 times his body weight) and 165 human TGU stats place him with much heavier glappers than his 225 lbs frame. Lots of credit to Coringa for negating his strength advantage, a true pro.

  3. He’s making himself look stupid by coming here and trying to defend himself. If he didn’t want to use all of his strength out of respect for the size difference that’s fine. He should have still won. Move around have a good match let the little guy get some positions and then submit. He showed a very poor display of jiu jitsu and that is why he lost. He talks about top control but if he was in control he wouldn’t have been swept by someone 90 pounds lighter than him. The little guy clearly has far superior jiu jitsu than him.


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