Gilbert Burns Credits Jiu-Jitsu With Helping Him Build His Famously Gigantic Neck

Photo: iRull Design

Gilbert Burns is known for his accomplishments in jiu-jitsu and MMA, but also for his gigantic neck.

Yes, it sounds a bit silly if you haven’t ever paid much attention to how Burns is built, but if you look at him for a few seconds, well, you’ll probably see it.

Apparently, Burns gets asked quite a bit about how he’s managed to build up such a sturdy base for his head, and now, he’s addressed those questions in a video.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for top industry secrets about how to build up a neck that’s too thick to choke, you’re out of luck. Burns says that jiu-jitsu and wrestling are what have built his tree-trunk neck, so if you’re pushing yourself in training, you’re pretty much doing the Official Gilbert Burns Neck Workout Routine.

Check out what Burns has to say about this important topic and the famously wide-necked internet celebrity who reached out to him in the video below:


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