This Girl Just Snap Her Opponents Arm And Put Her To Sleep


  1. Really chad? She let go of the armbar because she dislocated the elbow to the armbar was not effective anymore. She wanted to punch her some more so she did. She held onto the RNC just right because I didn’t see a tap…she let go when her arm went limp..

  2. Pure bullshit. Whoever instructs this young lady needs to cut her off from training until she understands the consequences of this type of behavior.

    • This is old school Gracie Jiu-jitsu…. This is not mma or the new school…she took no damage with someone who is “standup”… Took her down, mounted, secured the arm and threw punches, moved to armbar…threw elbow on side mount, moved to back for rear naked choke… In a real is not pretty but effective. This was also taught in Carlson Gracie BJJ team for self-defense… There is your education… She did what she was taught… Unfortunately the girl did not know to tap but it is not mma…. It is a real fight!

    • Since we don’t know the circumstances that led up to the fight all we can say is that she defended herself from someone who clearly wanted to do her harm. The consequence of her behaviour is that she walked away unharmed. She let go of the choke when her opponent went unconscious so she wouldn’t take any damage should her opponent try to keep fighting. Sometimes they won’t let you just walk away. Not always that easy.

  3. Ohhh the Internet. No need to get snippy there Bryan. I watched this without sound the first time. Didn’t hear the arm pop and the girl yell about how it got fucked up.
    We can agree to disagree on the choke.

    • That’s funny… and in the sense that I am not able to make out the shape of the ring they’re enclosed by? Where are the ropes? Where is the cage sides at? Oh…wait…there weren’t any? That makes it a streetc fight, unless of course this was a regulated event with security and rules.. she imposed her will on this chick.

      Streetc fight is a street fight is a street fight. The dumb dumb wearing shorts accepted any and all consequences of what that interaction could result in. Grow some balls or at least let them drop from your stomach!


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