Google Providing Employees With BJJ Classes

Google Now Providing Their Employees With BJJ Classes

miltonGoogle has risen in the past few years to be one of the most powerful and well known corporations the world over. This powerfully established company has offices located in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, in California. What makes these offices unique is the fact that the company is now offering BJJ self defense classes for all of their employees.

This central Google location is known as the Googleplex, and employees can enjoy a wide variety of benefits and perks that come with the job. These include free shuttle bus services that take them around the Bay area, complete with WiFi in the vehicles, doctors that are located on site and numerous attractive cafes to eat at. These dining locations take pride in the fact that they feature locally based ingredients, all of which are within one hundred and fifty miles from the headquarters.

Google offers all of these perks to provide their employees with a comfortable campus from where they can enjoy working longer hours. The premises make it possible to practically live at the headquarters, and there are many employees who work sixteen hour days for months at a time. In addition to all of these perks, Google is now planning on providing their employees with self defense options to enjoy on the premises.

The BJJ training classes are taught by Milton Bastos, who is from Institute of Martial Arts, located in California. In addition to the self defense options that come with the classes, they also provide a wide variety of other positive effects, including physical fitness, social interaction, and stress relief. All of these classes are designed to make working at the Googleplex even more enjoyable, and during the first day of classes, the instructor reported that they were completely filled with interested employees.


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