Gordon Ryan Approved To Compete In the 99+ kg Division And SuperFight For ADCC 2022

Photo: Kitt Canaria/Jiu-Jitsu Times

ADCC double gold champ Gordon Ryan has been approved to compete in the 99+ division at ADCC 2022.

Ryan has previously competed and won, at 88kg, 99kg, and absolute. This will be his first ADCC at 99+.

The bracket will supplement his super fight against Hall of Famer, Andre Galvao.

ADCC Head Organizer Mo Jassim(@mojassim80) commented on the post, “Just a few points. 1.) This has never been requested before. 2.) While the ADCC Absolute has always been on Sunday, the super fight used to be held on Saturday. I know personally of 2 people who asked to enter the absolute in the same ADCC and it was voted down since if they won we would have the same superfight next ADCC. 3.) I think Gordon is crazy to do both. 4.) This was approved by the ADCC bosses. 5.) 99+ kg could have a historic 5 ADCC champions in it.”


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