Gordon Ryan Mocks Dillon Danis

Gordon Ryan just mocked Dillon Danis on Facebook, showing that the Renzo Gracie-Dillon Danis wars are still as hot as ever.

Ryan posted a picture of himself with dyed blonde hair, sunglasses, and a Danis-style shirt. Under it was the caption:

Sex symbol of every goddamn generation. @notdillandanus

Sex symbol of every goddamn generation. @notdillandanus

Posted by Gordon Ryan on Friday, July 28, 2017

Coach Tom DeBlass, who trains under Renzo and gave Garry Tonon his black belt, shared the picture on his Facebook page, and obviously approved of Gordon’s impression of Dillon:

I’ve finally realized if I didn’t know Gordon Ryan personally I’d most likely attack him on site. I’d literally hate his face. However, regardless what you think he’s one of the kindness and reliable souls I know. Handsome too.

Of course, Ryan and DeBlass aren’t the only ones taking shots at “Danus.”  Garry Tonon has been talking smack about Dillon since their first fight, and recently Eddie Cummings joined in with an impression of Danis’ friend and training partner, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.

Check it out below:



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