Gordon Ryan Signs Sponsorship Deal With Bitcoin Cash Worth $100K For ADCC 2022

Photo: Kitt Canaria/Jiu-Jitsu Times

3-time ADCC World Champion Gordon Ryan has signed a sponsorship deal with Bitcoin Cash worth $100,000. He will wear their logo for the event.

Ryan will compete in the 99+ division and in a superfight with Andre Galvao. Ryan will be sporting Bitcoin Cash for the night, a cryptocurrency that was created as a spin-off of Bitcoin in 2017. The $100K deal is reported as the largest sponsorship deal in jiu-jitsu history. The ADCC 2022 event as a whole is projected to set even more records with roughly 13,000 fans in attendance. 

Mo Jassim, ADCC Head Organizer, posted the news on Facebook,

Gordon Ryan also flaunted the deal in an Instagram post,

ADCC is set to be one of the biggest grappling events in history, and it’s bringing in the money to reflect that. It all happens in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 17-18, 2022.


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