Gordon Ryan to Follow Coach and Mentor Garry Tonon to MMA

2015 has been a breakthrough year for Newaza Challenge Champion and Garry Tonon Brown Belt Gordon Ryan. Earlier in the year he submitted former UFC Heavyweight and BJJ Black Belt Camrelo Marrerro and won his weight division at the Grapplers Quest invitational event. On the heels of his coach and mentor Garry Tonon announcing his plans to enter MMA within a year, Synthafighter reposted an Instagram picture of Gordon Ryan and Bobby Johnson, a Ricardo Almeida coach and owner of Syntafighter boxing equipment that stated

“Looking forward to BJJ terror, Gordon Ryan’s transition into MMA with classic American Boxing training added to the schedule. Brightest future imaginable! #gordonryan #synthafighter #boxing #mma #futurechamp”

Ryan has trained out of Brunswick Jiu JItsu with Garry Tonon as well as Renzo Gracie under John Danaher, Ocean County BJJ under Tom DeBlass,  Ricardo Almeida and Dante Rivera’s academies. With an all-star team of coaches, mentors, and training partners, Ryan is likely in good hands. Now, it is only a matter of when and how he decides to prepare for his MMA debut.



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