Grab n Go Goodies For Jiu-Jitsu: Top Ten

Wether it’s heading to train or a tournament, having a well-stocked bag is ideal. I decided to ask around and see what people consider imperative to have in their Jiujitsu bag. The must haves to the “I had it the first time I won a match so now I must have it every time!”

1. Water bottles
2. An extra belt!
3. Trail mix
4. Tape
5. Flip flops
6. I keep everything in my car, so a bag has become obsolete. I just grab n go (literally)!
7. Non-perishable snacks: granola bars, dried fruit, protein bars etc
8. Extra clothes (gi, no gi & a regular outfit). You never know when you’ll take an extra class, need another gi, or will go somewhere that you don’t want to be a stinky sweaty mess!
9. A first aid kit
10. Nail clippers! I was almost DQ because of my fingernails, and I don’t even have long ones! After that I started carrying nail clippers everywhere.

And *11. Body wipes. Dirty everything?! Keep it fresh!

So there you have it! What’s in your bag?

Happy Rolling


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