The Gracie Academy And Lyoto Machida Welcomes Vince Vaughn To Jiu-Jitsu

Vince Vaughn is a veteran actor who has been active in Hollywood since the late 80s. He is mostly known for his comedic roles in movies but he has actually done some producing and screenwriting on the side. The 46-year old funny man may just shift into a tough guy image after signing up to train with a legendary fighter.

A picture posted by former UFC champ Lyoto Machida on Facebook shows Vaughn wearing a white belt in full uniform. In the post, Machida greeted the actor who recently celebrated his birthday. They are now effectively teammates as both are part of the Gracie Jiu-jitsu family. Their teacher is one of the best to ever practice the sport: Rener Gracie.

Vaughn now training jiu-jitsu shouldn’t be a surprise as there are already quite a number of actors who have been drawn to the sport. This just shows BJJ’s continuing increase in popularity among fight fans.



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