Grappling with a Purpose

Recently, we here at Jiu-Jitsu Times have undertaken the colossal project of creating a documentary series. It’s called Grappling with a Purpose. The idea behind it is to document the lives of those gym owners and competitors who are not able to devote their entire lives to grappling.

Our freshman attempt at the project focuses on Chris Hubartt, a blue belt and owner of Journey Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu located in North Manchester, Indiana. It’s a small town of barely more than 6,000 people. Despite it12510428_10206621559991266_2280337211543680684_n being a very small town, Hubartt has made a gym that is home for a variety of people. He is a part of Team Jason Fox and works closely with Chris Papandria, a brown belt under Jason Fox.

He starts his days at around 3 AM to open up his gym to early morning classes. Afterwards, he heads to his maintenance job at Oji Intertech, followed by cleaning the mats at his gym at around 3 pm. Then, he opens the gym again at 5pm for youth wrestling, followed by Jiu-Jitsu, followed by kickboxing. This is all before he heads home for the night to his wife and son.

Hubartt is the embodiment of the Jiu-Jitsu spirit. He works night and day to care for his family and to continue grappling. He not only keeps Jiu-Jitsu alive in his community, he helps it to thrive.

We see so much of the world famous grapplers who are able to train full-time and are able to travel and compete without a thought. Our goal is to focus on those who keep Jiu-Jitsu alive in the smaller communities. Our goal is to showcase those who work tirelessly for the art and the sport. They are the ones who keep our art alive. They are the ones who make our sport strong. Help us give them the credit they deserve.

Watch the video below and give us your feedback.

If you would like to sponsor this series, or know of excellent candidates for coverage, please contact us.




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