GSP Talks About Physical Altercation With Bisping

Georges St-Pierre is usually a pretty calm guy. He’s taken on some of the biggest trash talkers in the game — Nick Diaz, for instance — but he has always remained relaxed and polite.

But everyone has their limits, and Michael Bisping may have found GSP’s. At a recent press conference, Bisping — who will be defending his middleweight title next month against St-Pierre — got a bit too close to the former Welterweight Champion and Georges let him know it by shoving him away.

Check out the video below:

GSP talked about the incident in another press conference, saying that if he had really punched Bisping, the Middleweight Champion would have been on the floor.

Michael Bisping vs Georges St-Pierre will be going down live, November 4, from the world-famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. The fight will not only be the first time GSP fights at middleweight in his UFC career, but will mark the first time in four years that St-Pierre, one of the UFC’s most famous fighters, sets foot in the octagon.



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