Gui Mendes: Champions Don’t Place The Blame On Others

Photo/Intsagram: mendesbros

Multiple-time World gold medalist Gui Mendes has little patience for people who blame others. In fact, he believes this is why 95% of the BJJ competitors will not consistently be World champions at the black belt level.

In a recent interview, the second-degree black belt told AOJ that:

There is only one thing in my opinion: a lack of strength when it comes to character. People are not resilient enough when it comes to hardships. Most of the athletes need to learn how to own up to their failures and accept the blame. Instead they lie to themselves by placing the blame of their failures on others, and that is something that champions simply do not do.

Gui also spoke to AOJ about sponsorships and the new generation of practitioners.

You can read the whole interview here.


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