Guy Got A Blue Belt From Gracie University Online

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THIS STUFF IN BJJ?Here is the Viral video of a guy opening his Gracie University Blue Belt that he got in a package by mail, even though he had never sparred…

Posted by Grappling Industries on Thursday, May 28, 2015

A guy from Austin, Texas just received his blue belt from Gracie University Online without actually doing sparring his whole training
please give us your thoughts on this


  1. I feel like I didnt miss anything, watching it twice, but at what point did he say he never sparred? Youre fueling a fire with a false title. Omission of his sparring history is not testimony to having never sparred. You should rescind this with an apology so as not to become one of those Hollywood tabloids.

  2. Sparring is also not required for a blue belt under Torrance. Fight simulation is, since the point of the blue belt is to be ready to defend yourself on the street. Sparring is a sportive jiu-jitsu practice.

  3. I agree with Justin Eads. The only thing negative thing here is the line this website added: “without actually doing sparring his whole training.” This website and its editors should be ashamed of their bias. The video itself is a great testimonial to the system. Why don’t I see you trying to smear blue belts who’ve never had to defend a punch?

  4. LOL! Brought to you by the McGracie family, definitely the finest source for the purist jiu-jitsu.

    What a sad sad story.


  5. Jiu-Jitsu online? Come on! I’m sure he can find a gym close to his house…
    This is really sad…
    Is he really going to be a black belt under Master Google Chrome classes?
    Give-me a break….

  6. I don’t see a major problem. If he competes , puts out the effort, and shows results, then I see no problem. The test is very judo style. Show tech, do well, get promoted. It is a lot like the Vieira Jiu Jitsu curriculum. His curriculum has plenty of gold medalists at the upper and lower levels.

  7. Some training is better than no training. I heard him say that it fit his if it works for him so be it. I perfer to have my instructor standing right there watching my every move. He does need to test himself in sparring matches so the techniques can be applied in a dynamic form and get his timing down. A large piece of his training is missing because schools are available 2..if they are..the cost could be a factor
    3..conflicting schedules with work,family or other activities. I feel his game will skyrocket
    If he were to join a nice school.

  8. I see no problem with GUO. I did it myself until I found a school near me and I have to admit those GUO classes were very detailed.

  9. This guy is the classic McDojo teacher – he was bad at kung fu so he decided to get into BJJ which is more marketable. The stupid part is that there are TONS of quality schools in Austin he could learn from, at least 6 within 10 minutes of where his McKungFu school was. The fact that he can’t be bothered to train through one of them tells you all you need to know.

  10. To each his own but IMO, realistic grappling with those your level and higher is a must. If you have never grappled a day in your life, you will most likely gas out extremely quickly, be very uncomfortable, and above all, forget everything you know, and lose miserably. There is nothing wrong with losing (tapping) in Jiujitsu but I truly feel that including live sparring is essential! I was extremely nervous and I tapped very quickly when I first started but after getting put through the ringer, I began be able to relax in tight situations and figuring out how to escape. I don’t tap as quickly anymore either.


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