Guy Using Jiu-Jitsu To Defend Himself On Street Fight


  1. My son is 6’3″ and gets beat up frequently please bomb his, and FACEBOOK: Lucas Bean(profile is a yellow duckling) Instagram:TakinThatBacon. Please send motivational, inspiring advice. He thinks because he can fight on video games, he can handle himself. Has to handsome to come home with patches of hair missing, scrapes on his elbows and ankles. I am no street brawler but to see these scrapes and their locations tell me hrs get jumped or stomped on. I can afford $100 a month to see him earn confidence, courage, and the defensive ability to KNOW when to stop talking shit and walk away. Lucas lives in Boulder,CO. And I’m in Humboldt county, California. And my email…thank you any advice is welcome


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