Halle Berry Training Jiu-Jitsu For John Wick 3

Halle Berry has never shied away from a strong female action role, so it’s no surprise to see her training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for her upcoming role in John Wick 3. In the sneak peak below, Berry transitions smoothly through multiple control positions. This is definitely exciting to see in a big box office hit!

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Today’s #FitnessFriday is about embracing your power, hence my #WakandaForever t-shirt. There is a lot of strength and power in stillness. I find that having the ability to be still and calm in the most stressful situations is extremely powerful and empowering. Lord knows I have faced my fair share of adversity—as I’m sure many of you have—and the ability to be still and access my personal power has been a lifesaver. So today Peter and I share exercises on my IG Stories and Fitness Icon that help you embrace your power through the stillness. These exercises not only help you with your physical strength and stamina but they also encourage your mental strength and help you access your personal power. Hold each of these exercises for 30 seconds to one minute, but if your fitness level allows hold as long as you possibly can. Let’s go into the weekend feeling our #personalpower. Enjoy ✊?♥ #FitnessFridayHB

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