Herb Dean Scoffs At Idea That Ronda Rousey Vs Amanda Nunes Stopped Early Because Of “White Girl Privilege”

Was Amanda Nunes’ dominating performance against Ronda Rousey stopped too soon because of–as actor Michael Rapaport put it– “white girl privilege”?

Not according to the man who reffed the match, veteran referee Herb Dean.

“He knows about fights? He does fights? He referees some combat sports, or something?” Dean asked the TMZ reporter.  When the reporter answered in the negative, Dean responded, “Well, I’m not going to answer that.”

Herb did, however, offer some insight into the Rousey-Nunes fight. He said that, in order to understand why Ronda lost, we have to look Amanda Nunes.

“We can’t discredit Amanda Nunes and just keep talking about Ronda,” Dean said. “Amanda hits harder than any girl that I’ve seen in that division, by far. She hits very hard. That’s something she has going for her. Some of the girls have other things going for them, but that’s something that can’t be ignored. And we have to talk about how hard she hits, how long her punches are, and the fact that she’s gotten better with every fight for the last few fights…and it’s not surprise where she’s at right now.”

You can watch Herb Dean’s encounter with TMZ below.



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