Here’s How Martial Arts Can Give Your Child An Edge In School

A growing number of parents are deciding to sign their kids up for martial arts classes nowadays. That is because of the many benefits that come with training regularly. It is a fun activity that your child will look forward to whenever it’s time to go to the gym. The values he/she will learn during training will help him/her perform better in school. In fact, the lessons your child will learn while learning martial arts will last an entire lifetime.

Here are seven ways martial arts can give your child an edge in school:

1) Teaches discipline

One of the most important attributes your child will learn in martial arts class is discipline. It’s a lesson that comes naturally when a person starts training martial arts. Techniques and drills seem completely foreign – and sometimes impossible – at first, but in time, you start to get the hang of things. Martial arts training is about constantly making small steps. When you eventually reach a milestone, you are rewarded with a new color belt. Every bit of progress your child makes during training reinforces the importance of staying disciplined until goals are accomplished.

That self-discipline will eventually carry over into different aspects of your child’s life like school work and the upkeep of his/her personal spaces.

2) Increases confidence

The objective of our Little Samurai Children’s Program is to build life skills for your child through the practice of martial arts.

Your child gets a big boost of confidence as he/she improves as a martial artist. As your child masters techniques that once seemed impossible, he/she becomes more confident and self-assured. The positive reinforcement your child constantly gets from his/her instructors and training partners also does wonders for his/her self-esteem. This confidence will carry over to your child’s academic and social life.

3) Improves social skills

Children need as many opportunities as possible to socialize with their peers especially during their younger years. This is when they learn how to behave properly with other kids. Some kids are naturally outgoing, but they are many who have a harder time understanding how to interact with their peers.

Martial arts classes give your child an opportunity to socialize with other kids. Unlike in school where children typically only mix with kids their age, during martial arts class, your child will get to interact with older and younger kids. It is an excellent opportunity to make more friends and help your child get out of his/her shell.

Shyness and timidity do more than just cause your child opportunities to bond with others. It also makes him/her more likely to be the target of bullies since the odds of other kids coming to his/her defense are low. Bullies tend to target the social outcasts.

4) Teaches self-defense skills

The ability to defend yourself is one of the most important skills a person could have. It is no different with your child. Bullying is a major epidemic around the world, and Singapore is not exempt from that reality. In fact, Singapore currently has the third-highest rate of bullying in the world.

Obviously, no parent wants their child getting into fights, which is why martial arts training teaches children violence should only be used as a last result. Your child will learn ways to de-escalate situations – rather than escalate them – during martial arts training, but if he/she still ends up getting attacked, your kid will have all the tools needed to properly defend himself/herself.

5) Improves problem-solving skills

There is a lot more to martial arts than just learning a bunch of techniques. Your ability to recognize what is going on around you, and apply the most effective technique to deal with that particular situation is what makes you a competent martial artist.

It is why it isn’t uncommon to hear people compare martial arts competitions to chess matches.

When your child spars during martial arts classes, he/she will have to figure out the best ways to get out of the different scenarios he/she ends up in. The problem-solving skills your kid learn in martial arts class will help him/her perform better in school.

6) Teaches respect

The social skills children learn in their BJJ class help them to learn to fit in better in school.

If there is one universal value that joins all martial arts together, it is definitely respect. Martial arts are all about respecting the people around you from your instructors to your training partners. Your child will be required to be quiet in class when the instructor breaks down techniques. Your kid will learn to respect the wishes of other children when training.

When your child goes to school, he/she will naturally give teachers the same level of respect he/she gives his/her martial arts instructors. A child that trains martial arts is a child that isn’t likely to be causing disruptions in school.

7) Positive way to release excess energy

Martial arts classes give your child a fun, positive way to release his/her excess energy. It’s no secret, children love to play, and they can become rather restless when they haven’t been stimulated enough. Training at the martial arts gym is an excellent way to get rid of that excess energy. They get lots of quality exercise while having a great time.

That ensures they have little energy left when it is time to go to bed at night.

Signing your child up for martial arts can be one of the best decisions you ever make. He/she gets to learn important values that will help him/her perform better in school, and those values will remain with him/her even when he/she reaches adulthood.

While many people think about fighting when they hear the phrase “martial arts,” the ability to defend yourself is only an extra bonus that comes with training. The values you learn and exude are what makes a person a true martial artist.

What are you waiting for? Sign your child up for martial arts classes and see the results for yourself.


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