Hey “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Fans — Rob McElhenney Does Jiu-Jitsu

Good news, “Always Sunny” fans: one of your favorite degenerates from the gang is one of us.

Rob McElhenney (a.k.a. “Mac” on the show) posted a video of himself on Instagram rolling no-gi with a friend. McElheney seems to have won the round with an armbar… but then quickly learns why you shouldn’t get too cocky on the mats. McElhenney’s costar and real-life wife Kaitlin Olson (a.k.a. “Dee”) reposted the video on her own Instagram account with the caption, “This video is funny but my husband is hot. And that’s not funny. It’s serious.”

Take a look at McElhenney’s skills for yourself:

Early celebrations lead to choke-outs. I broke the number one rule. #bjj

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