The Hip Bump Sweep – Building Combinations

Once you learn the individual techniques in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you will look to use the techniques in combination.

It is relatively easy to defend a straightforward single attack, but when you combine attacks from a single position, it is much more difficult for the opponent to defend.

The hip bump sweep is a great position from which to build one of your first combinations.
This is what I would call a classic combination in jiu-jitsu.

1) First, how to execute the basic sweep.
Great Grappling shows how to perform the Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard

2) How to use the Kimura armlock to attack a very defensive opponent
Brandon Mullins shows how to attack the kimura when the opponent posts a hand to thwart your hip bump sweep.

3) Failed Kimura to Guillotine
“From the frying pan and into the fire”. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu shows how to attack with a guillotine choke when the opponent defends the 1st 2 attacks.

4) Hip Bump Triangle
A more advanced submission setup, Ryan Hall shows how to catch the Triangle by forcing your opponent to post a hand by hip bumping.
Awesome setup!

Now you have a position with a main hip bump sweep and some submissions to combine with the primary attack.

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