Holy Sh%t! Biggest Lesson Shane McMahon Learned From Renzo Was How To Break Fall

Shane McMahon, the 46-year old wrestler and son of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, had his Wrestlemania moment at Wrestlemania 32 during his Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker. During the run-up to Wrestlemania 32, the WWE released a series of videos showing McMahon training with Renzo and Rolles Gracie at The Renzo Gracie Academy headquarters in New York City. The most important skill McMahon could have learned from the Gracies was how to break fall as he jumped off the over 20-foot high cage hoping to land on the Undertaker who was laid out on the announcers’ table. As McMahon jumped, The Undertaker moved out off the table and McMahon landing on the table. Hopefully his break fall technique helped dissipate the force from the hard landing. Watch the full video below.


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