IBJJF Worlds 2016 Full Result Recap

The jiu jitsu competition to end all jiu jitsu competitions is over, and it duly delivered — showcasing the world’s best BJJ exponents. This year, the IBJJF tournament was hotly anticipated, because star martial artist Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’ was returning to action. Coming back from a lengthy absence following knee surgery in 2015, big things were predicted for this Checkmat heavyweight. Buchecha didn’t disappoint, and produced dramatic displays – culminating in him smashing the world title record for this weight division. Roger Gracie had previously won a third world title in 2010, but Buchecha won his fourth absolute black belt title. He also claimed victory in his weight division, which is an amazing accomplishment.

The 2016 competition was certainly a record breaking one, with the open weight legacies of both Rafael Mendes and Marcus Almeida up for grabs. Mendes won the world featherweight black belt title for the sixth time, beating the record he set in 2015.

Bruno Malfacine remained dominant at roosterweight, improving his record to eight world titles – far exceeding Omar Salum’s previous record of two titles, set in 2000.

Domynika Obelenyte was another notable competitor. This twenty year old athlete of Lithuanian-American descent won her second double gold medal in a row. She is the youngest competitor ever to accomplish this feat.

Bruno Malfacine Defeats Caio Terra By 2 advantage

Light Feather
Paulo Miyao Defeats Ary Farias By 4×2 pts

Feather Weight
Rafael Mendes Defeats Márcio André by 10×10 pts and 2×1 advantages

Light Weight
Lucas Lepri Defeats Edwin Najmi by Bow And Arrow Choke

Middle Weight
Otavio Sousa Closed Out Division With Gabriel Arges From Gracie Barra

Medium Heavy Weight
Leandro Lo Defeats Romulo Barral by 5×0 pts

Heavy Weight
Andre Galvao Defeats Jackson Sousa by Referee decision

Super Heavy Weight
Leo Nogueira Defeats Alexandro Ceconi by 2×0 advantages

Ultra Heavy Weight
Marcus Almeida Defeats James Puopolo by armbar

Marcus Almeida Defeats Erberth Santos by 4×2

Women’s Black Belt Division

Rooster Weight
Rikako Yuasa Defeats Outi Jarvilehto by bow and arrow choke

Light-Feather Weight
Gezary Matuda Defeats Kristina Barlaan by submission

Feather Weight
Mackenzie Dern Defeats Michelle Nicolini by Bow and arrow choke

Light Weight
Beatriz Mesquita Defeats Sarah Black by points

Middle Weight
Monique Elias Defeats Luiza Monteiro by referee decision

Medium Heavy Weight
Andresa Correa Defeats Sijara Eubanks by 10×0 pts

Heavy Weight
Fernanda Mazelli Defeats Alyson Tremblay by referee decision

Super Heavy Weight
Domynika Obelenyte Defeats Venla Luukkonen by 33×0

Domynika Obelenyte  Defeats Beatriz Mesquita by 1×0 advantage


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