If I Won The Lottery

Whenever we hear a story about a huge jackpot of 10 million dollars or more, it stirs people to discuss how they would spend that windfall.

Freed from the concerns of having to earn a living, what would a BJJ addict do?

Most of us dream of a training trip to one of the famous academies.

I would take it a step further, though; I would actually live near a famous academy!

I would move to San Diego, California, one of the jiu-jitsu centers of the world. After all, you’ve got Royler Gracie, Rodrigo Medeiros, Atos Jiu-jitsu, Clark Gracie, Gracie Barra, and a ton more that I just don’t know about.

And then there is my dream place: Jiu-jitsu University with the Ribeiro brothers, Xande and Saulo.

I would find an apartment within walking distance of the academy, so I could just grab my gym bag and walk over anytime I wanted. A simple apartment with a kitchen to make my acai smoothies (I’m going full Brazil style on that one) and sofa with a big screen TV to watch fight videos would be all I would need. The entire place would have a minimalist style, like the place a Japanese samurai would live in, except for the 52-inch flat screen plasma, of course.

When I wake up, all I would have to do is pull on a jiu-jitsu T-shirt, board shorts, flip flops, grab my gym bag, and head down to the academy for the morning class.

I could do a few privates per week with the top instructors and study all of the small details and concepts that make the techniques effective. There would be so many “light bulb” moments that it would appear fireworks were going off in the academy!

There would also be a full schedule of group classes and a chance to get ideas and roll with some high-level senior belts.

After morning training it would be time for lunch with the other students. I could have fish tacos, excellent Mexican food, sushi, and anything else I wanted in a small restaurant located close to the water. I could just smell the salt air from the ocean and run down to the beach for a quick swim.

Spend the whole afternoon at the beach?


Chill out and nap in the air conditioning in the hottest part of the day?


At night, I could head back down to the academy for a night class. Maybe that night, a big name from the BJJ world would be visiting and I could get rolled up by a world-class competitor with super smooth technique.

After that, I could go out for a late night dinner and hear some funny stories about what happened in the academy and in the world of BJJ.

After dinner, I would say good-bye to my training partners and head back to my apartment to sleep in the air conditioning with my jiu-jitsu dreams.

The best thing is I would get to do it all over again tomorrow!

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