The Importance of Having a Beginner’s Mentality

Photo Source: Issys Calderon Photography

When you start jiu-jitsu, there are so many things that are thrown at you that it gets to the point it almost overwhelms you.  You have to be engaged at every class to absorb the information and put it into practice while you are drilling.  If you forget one minor detail, it could be the difference between executing the move while sparring or being left puzzled as to why the move isn’t working. 

It is amazing how much you still pick up on minor details of basic moves as you continue to do jiu-jitsu on a regular basis.  The one important detail in that last sentence is that if you go on a regular basis.  If you come to class consistently, you will keep picking up on the finer details of moves.  If you don’t, you will always be struggling to remember what you have already been taught.  Most of the time, you pick these little details up while drilling techniques that your instructor goes over with you in class, or while you are just drilling with a teammate in your free time. 

This is why it is important to always have a beginner’s mindset throughout your jiu-jitsu journey.  No matter what you are being taught, you should always examine it and pay attention to see if you are missing anything.  There is always room for improvement, no matter what move you are doing.  Even if you think you have a move down, there are always different variations of that move you can learn.

As you continue to progress through the ranks, try not to fall into the trap of thinking you know everything about a single move.  There is most likely a practitioner that is equally as good at defending, so you will need to set up the move differently or find a better way to finish it.  Be analytically with your jiu-jitsu, and you will see your game grow exponentially. 


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