Inspirational: Blind Man Learning And Doing Flying Triangle

Nicolas Plessis has been proving doubters wrong for decades now, constantly showing that just because a person cannot see does not mean he cannot accomplish anything.

Nicolas recently proved this again at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu seminar when he learned a flying triangle at Edwin Najmi’s seminar. This is actually quite the amazing accomplishment when you consider the fact that it is practically impossible for some people who can actually see to pull this off.

It will also be interesting to see what kind of other Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves the blind community can pull off in the future.

Edwin Najmi’s Post:

Yesterday is difficult to put into words. I am truly humbled by the members of our Jiu Jitsu community especially by this guy to my right. Despite the fact Nicolas is blind, he made way to my seminar tonight in Paris to improve his Jiu Jitsu. When I met him It dawned on me that the limitations we put on ourselves are truly self imposed. Jiu Jitsu is in fact more of feeling than seeing and Nicolas can testify. Thank you Nicolas, for inspiring me and the others around you with your great talent. ??



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