Introducing Your Kids To BJJ

If you’re a parent who practices BJJ, then you probably want to get your kids into it, too. Why wouldn’t you? Not only will it help to bully-proof your kids, but it allows you and your children to spend more time together doing something you both love.

So, how do you introduce your kids into BJJ? More importantly, how do you keep them in?

The answer can be summed up in a single word: fun.

As Coach Tom Davey from The Grappling Academy explains:

Always encourage your children just to have fun. Jiu-jitsu must equal fun. As soon as it doesn’t, they’re not going to stick with it for life. Kids don’t even stick with normal fun stuff for life. So, if you want them to stick with jiu-jitsu — that’s got hard work and discipline in it, it’s got to be fun.

Check out the rest of Tom Davey’s video below on introducing your kids to Brazilian jiu-jitsu.




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