Is Metamoris Making A Mistake By Not Allowing A Live Audience?

At Metamoris 6, there will be no live audience allowed during the matches. Ralek Gracie stated that they wanted a more “intimate setting”, so Metamoris 6 will be closed to the public. Joe Lauzon was also not allowed to take any video while inside the venue. The Gracies continue to make puzzling moves regarding their grappling promotion. First it was attempting to sign grapplers to exclusive contracts, then it was the All Access monthly pass, and now they are not allowing the public to view their matches.

This is a big mistake. Sure, watching the matches through an internet stream is great, but it doesn’t beat the live experience. They are also missing out on the live media coverage that they could get. It seems as if Metamoris is allergic to prosperity. They refuse to let their promotion grow and dip over into the mainstream. On top of all this, Ralek Gracie has refused to put on female matches. Metamoris has the most star power out of every grappling promotion in business right now, but they seem more obsessed with making money than helping the sport grow. 

It’s also odd that Metamoris does not allow live media coverage. If another sports league had the kind of restrictions that Metamoris does, it would be met with much negativity. It seems that the Gracies are only concerned with making money, which is a shame. Grappling is very close to going mainstream, but it will never happen if people like Ralek continue to hinder the sport’s growth. 


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