“Jacare” Souza Discusses His COVID-19 Fears, But Says He’ll Compete In UFC 249 For His Family

Image Source: Ronaldo Souza via Instagram

BJJ legend Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza has spoken up about his feelings on fighting during the coronavirus pandemic in an interview with MMA Fighting.

Souza has been committed to his match with Uriah Hall at UFC 249, which will now take place on May 9 in Florida, since it was originally slated for April 18 in California. In the interview, Souza indicated that he’s aware that his decision to take the fight is a risky one for his and others’ health given the circumstances, but that his need to provide for his family took priotirty.

“In a way, [fighting is] good because we’ll be able to take care of our families. I know the world is going crazy, but I believe Dana White will keep us all safe and put us to work. I pray that everything goes right,” Souza told the outlet.

“I’m scared, that’s normal. Everyone’s scared. We try to keep everyone protected, but I keep thinking about one thing: if I can’t pay my house’s mortgage, if I can’t pay my bills, I’m going to lose my house. If I go out to the streets, that’s when it gets complicated, that’s when they really won’t be protected. I have to take care of my family one way or the other, and I believe… I know the UFC will keep me protected.”

“[The UFC] will take care of everybody. I can stay home, walk across the street, and my neighbor infects me with the coronavirus. This virus is highly contagious. I can stay home and catch it. But I’m going to work. I hope God blesses Dana White and the UFC so they really can make it happen and I can take care of my family with safety.”

Souza has reportedly been training in his garage with his coach and a few sparring partners. “I’ll tell you this: in my years of fighting in the UFC, I’ve been through so many stressing situations that you have no idea. So, to me, this is nothing… It’s just another fight I’ll do.”

UFC 249 will take place on May 9, 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida.


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