Our Fellow Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner Jeremy Montes Jr: His Fight to the End

Jeremy Montes JR… you may not know his name or maybe you remember hearing it in the whispers of your mind? A member of 31Fifty, Jeremy had been battling Leukemia. I first caught wind of his story from TapCancer, Caio Terra, and his 31Fifty family posting YouTube videos, Instagram pics, and jiu-jitsu FB page video/pics in support of this brave young man. I’ve mentioned before how the jiu-jitsu community is different from many others in this way; hearing of a fallen or fighting comrade we join the fray, lending moral support, holding fundraisers or roll-a-thons along the way. If you’ve heard of the JERJR WOULD ROLL campaign, it is this young man & his family who inspired it.
I’ve never met Jeremy, but I can only gather from the amount of love and support shown that he was an incredible person. There are many fighting the battle, and it is with great sadness that I say Rest In Peace, Jeremy.

Please visit his page and read his story.


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