Jessica Rose-Clark Comes Out On Top After Co-Main Event Battle With Paige VanZant

Jessica Rose-Clark will be walking out of St. Louis with a “W” next to her name, having defeated one of the biggest names in women’s mixed martial arts: Paige VanZant.

After enduring a terrible week in which her house was robbed and her cat was killed, it is good to know there will be some silver lining to her week.

VanZant started out with a body kick and then followed up with a little flurry, which Clark returned. The two clinched, but broke up immediately. Superwoman punch by Paige. Jessica attempted a takedown but couldn’t get anything. Paige went for a judo throw, but Jessica ended up on top.

The two went back up and Clark worked a standing arm triangle. She then took the match to the ground to continue it but VanZant muscled her arm out.

Paige now had Clark in her half guard. Jessica, however, kept her head on the floor, trying to get that arm triangle back. VanZant tried to struggle out but Clark held her down, still holding on to her arm. Short elbow by Jessica as Paige tried to put her back in full guard before the round ended.

Round 2. Again Paige started out with a body kick. She then followed up with a jump kick, then a spinning elbow.

The two clinched and the fight went to the ground. Clark held VanZant in full guard, but Paige struggled out. Jessica, however, held on to the leg and looked for a leg lock. She couldn’t get it though.

Still, she ended up in an advantageous position, in Paige’s half guard.

VanZant, however, was able to struggle out and put Jessica on her back, but unfortunately, she ended up in Clark’s triangle. Paige stayed up on her feet, trying to push, punch, and twist her way out. Clark, however, kept it locked in, hitting her opponent with elbows.

It could have been all over for VanZant, but she survived.

Third and final round. Again, Paige started out with the kicks. VanZant stayed light on her feet, peppering her opponent with kicks as Clark held the center of the cage. She no doubt knew the best thing to do during this round was to keep the fight standing. Clark didn’t seem to mind that idea, as she had no problem tagging VanZant with punch after punch.

In the last 30 seconds of the match, Paige threw a spinning elbow and Clark threw a spinning back kick. Round 3 could have been anyone’s round.

However, Jessica Rose-Clark had put on a dominant performance in the previous two rounds, and took the fight via unanimous decision.


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