Jeremy Stephens Destroys Do Ho Choi To Earn Second Round TKO In UFC FN 124 Main Event

Jeremy Stephens will be walking out of St. Louis with a big win in the record books.

Stephens took on Do Ho Choi in the main event of UFC Fight Night 124.

The two touched gloves and peppered each other with punches and some low kicks. Stephens looked like he wanted to end it early, swinging for the fences on a couple of his punches. Choi threw some front kicks to the body.

Clinch and Choi hits a knee.

Another huge swing and miss by Stephens.

Leg kick by Choi. Neither fighter acted like more of an aggressor than the other. Sometimes Stephens did the chasing, sometimes Choi did.

Round 1 was anyone’s round.

Round 2 was a different story. A front kick by Choi clipped Stephens in the chin, but Jeremy returned by chasing Choi to the cage and nailing him with some strikes.

Jabs by Stephens reddened the Korean’s nose.

Stephens then clipped Choi on the side of the head with a punch. It didn’t look like much, but Choi went down.

While on the ground, the Korean tried to play some open guard, but to no avail. Stephens surpassed Choi’s defenses and rained down huge punches and elbows, forcing the referee to end the fight.

Winner by second round TKO, Jeremy Stephens!


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