Jiu-Jitsu Athlete Abducted In Brazil By Two People Who Were Posing As Police Officers

Photo/Facebook: jayjustify/ Jay Lee

Jiu-Jitsu athlete Jason Lee had a mouthful of information to report about his recent stay in Brazil.

Lee hit Twitter with the news that he was recently abducted and forced to remove large sums of money from two ATM machines. The fact that troubled Lee the most about the incident is not that he got robbed, but that he got robbed by two people who were posing as police officers. These individuals approached him on the street with guns and made him get in their car.

Fortunately, he lived to tell the story about it.

Stories like Jason’s are unfortunately too common. Only a month ago, some Australian people from the Paralympic sailing squad were robbed by persons with guns. Violent robbing seems to be commonplace in Brazil for people who visit lately.


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