Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Firas Zahabi vs Devon Laratt (225 lb. 6’5” #1-Ranked Arm Wrestler) – Sparring Match

Tristar Gym’s YouTube channel has posted a video of head instructor and Danaher Black Belt, Firas Zahabi, sparring with Devon Larratt, the #1-ranked arm wrestler in North America, and arguably one of the best arm wrestlers of all time.

The outcome went as you might expect. Larratt, with a huge size advantage, started off by grabbing a strong two-on-one on Zahabi, before attempting a Koshi Guruma judo throw that exposed his back. Zahabi took advantage and secured a seatbelt and worked on getting his hooks in. Larratt turtled shook Zahabi off and stood up. Zahabi, now on his back, attacked the leg, going from single x-guard, to double outside ashi, to game-over, getting a tap with the inside heel-hook.

But it wasn’t over yet. The pair engaged in another clinch, with Larratt going for the Koshi Guruma again, this time effectively securing the takedown and holding top position with a scarf-hold. Zahabi looked like he was going to escape through the back door and take the back, but instead rolled Larratt to his back and inserted crab hooks before abandoning the position and choosing to come on top. As Larratt just focused on holding Zahabi down and breaking his posture, Zahabi controlled from top half for a moment before using a knee slice pass to land in side control. They stayed in this position for about a minute before Larratt literally just bench-pressed Zahabi off of him. The pair stood up again for a brief moment before Zahabi slid underneath Larratt and right into game-over to grab another heel hook finish. The two embraced in a hug as the onlookers applauded the match; all in good fun.

Larratt trained at Tristar for his September 18, 2021 boxing match against Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson(‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones). He also has Judo experience and spent some time in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Larratt competes live on PPV at King of Table 2 in Dubai, UAE on December 11, 2021.


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