Jiu-jitsu Instructor Killed Trying To Disarm A Robber On A Bus

A news from odia Violence in Rio de Janeiro has claimed another victim on the 20th of June. The jiu-Jitsu instructor at the academy of Ipanema Fight, Bruno Inacio Nunes, aged 37, was recently killed in an attempted robbery that occurred on a bus. The powerful black belt tried to disarm the robber but was shot in the head and reported to be dead.

At the time, the bus was not very full of people, and when the single gunman came and started to take the belongings of his victims, Bruno thought that he would be able to disarm him and get away. He took his opportunity but was later shot in the head, right above his left eyebrow, killing him instantly.

The master, who has been involved as a victim of a robbery twice, is survived by his three children. In the interview, one of the onlookers described what had happened in frightening detail. They were all perplexed because none of them could understand what had happened. For his bravery, the entire community recognized his abilities and the legacy that he lets live on in his students. He was an honorable man who always tried to do the right thing, instilling a sense of pride and friendship in his students. His death was not in vain, and more people than ever are now interested in learning the martial art in order to continue on his legacy.


  1. Very sobering. Examine your training. If it doesn’t match the reality of violence, then chances are you’ll have the same outcome. Many practitioners espouse BJJ as the ultimate self defense, but if your training doesn’t include these types of scenarios you’ll be unprepared. Bullets don’t tap.

    • Yo philosopher you can write your shit all day if you want but i bet if you was in the same situation you would shit yourself, bjj krav maga, philipino, karate …. when you’re facing a loaded gun, what’s the difference?
      The Difference is will you act to protect the weaker no matter what like this hero did or you will sit there like ballless cunt whatching and do nothing?

      • no you dumbass..MY LIFE is worth more than my possessions….im not going to try and take on an armed man with a gun…this is real life..not a damn movie….get your head out your ass

    • Let me guess. You practice some sort of RBSD, and think you have the magic technique to disarm someone with a gun. You’re right, this guy shouldn’t have tried this. You shouldn’t either. I know plenty of disarm techniques as well, but money/belongings aren’t worth risking it in a situation such as this, period.

  2. Very sad he did what he did best but seriously train in different street situations and learn practical self defense against knifes,gun,and gang assults practice very hard in your training osh all peace

  3. Any martial artist may suffer a fate like this. Has nothing to do with jiu-jitsu being a poor self defense method. I’ve trained BJJ and Krav, I don’t feel prepared to handle someone with a gun no matter what. You can fool yourself into thinking this was style but in reality no style prepares you for this. He was very brave nothing changes that, so stop trying to debate MAs over this man’s life. They are there to help and are not full proof. Samurai, shinobi, ninjas, Spartans, etc. all trained and died in combat. Does that make their styles ineffective? No. They all took several lives. This is the way combat is.

  4. It’s not how one dies but how one lives!
    That being said this man’s jujitsu in life where the ultimate expression of love!

    • What does the art of fighting without fighting mean? As law abiding as one may want to be, what are the losses when this happens? A legendary act or a life? MA learnt by any individual is for what purpose? A sad loss of life and my deepest respect for the man of his stature. Be real, think real, stay real and be true to yourself and most of all, stay safe brothers.

    • Exactly my thoughts as well. This is poor reporting in an effort to sensationalize the incident while leaving out key elenents. I read as well that he was later shot in the head. Later?

  5. I’m a blue belt who hasn’t trained regularly in a couple of years; but that doesn’t matter….I would have used my knife to slash the gun mans throat or stab him in the chest; maybe even both. Don’t try to be Batman! Just win. If he has a gun you must use lethal force or run for your life. Jiu Jitsu is a sport, armed robbery is not.

    • You would do shit, just like most idiots who practice BJJ.

      You don’t learn any disarming techniques and you don’t practice anything against multiple assailants.

      BJJ is great for one on one if the person infront of you isn’t armed and won’t knee you to the face when you attempt some bullshit as a double leg. What, you’ll do a flying armbar on that person? You’ll tackle that person?

      Start incorporating techniques from Eskrima, JJJ, Aikido, Karate – hell, even that bullshit excuse of a “martial art” such as Krav Maga – perhaps you’ll be ready when a person carries a gun.

      And for the rest of you idiots – not everyone who carries a gun knows how to use it properly or has the balls to pull the trigger. No idea what this instructor did (where the first lesson you learn about fighting a man with a gun is to not fight a man with a gun and just run away), but unfortunately he’s dead now.

      You people should drop BJJ altogether and practice something that can actually save your lives and not some crap that’s great in a sanctioned ring.

  6. The less you carry, the less you lose… Combatives is designed to deliver deadly force with hands, elbows, feet and knees. Put weapons in our hands and multiply exponentially. Sport fighting pales in comparison to life or death battles with no rules. It is very unfortunate, that the world has lost another instructor of the way. My prayers are with his family.

  7. Bruno Nunes saw a gun, assessed the situation and decided to risk his life defending those who didn’t have the knowledge that he did. Nunes is the ultimate hero. Respect his legacy! Weapon disarms do not always work just like a takedown attempt, punch or kick does not always achieve the desired result. Jiu-jitsu is a journey not a solution to every threat.

  8. I have trained for many years and hold belts in only 2 disciplines. It takes a long time to get really good at any technique. But the first thing we teach is Never take a knife to a gun fight and never take anything to a gun Fight including yourself. Your discipline and technique and all your years of training still cannot match the speed of a bullet or the honor of the coward who shot it. Possessions are not worth your life.

    Heroes are men of action willing to help those who are in danger. The outcome of this shows it clearly was a situation where a man of honor had to be a man of action and unfortunately lost to the very scum of the earth itself. It is a sad day for all men of honor.

  9. Bjj is not a martial and is useless for self defense. It’s only good for glorified violence like mma and ufc. True marital arts and self defense would teach you not to make an attempt on some one with a gun if you can’t determine the safety of yourself and others around you.

  10. I’m not surprised. That’s what happens when you use Jiu Jitsu in the street. It doesn’t work in the real world. Most martial arts don’t but especially Jiu Jitsu. There’s a reason you train one on one against other fighters because that’s the only way you’ll use it successfully. You think you’re gonna wrestle a gunman to the ground. That’s is stupid. You have to be an idiot to believe that. Guy just wasted his life and should be looked at as a lesson of what not to do with Jiu Jitsu. I feel sorry for his family but I got no sympathy for him. The gunman was a robber, all he had to do was man up and give him what he wanted and he’d still be alive. Nobody’s life was in danger. He is far from being a master no matter how good he was, he wasn’t smart, he didn’t have common sense and that’s what matters. Thank you for showing the world the truth. Wrestling of any kind doesn’t work with concrete, knives and guns.


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