Leo Vieira On Getting Kicked Out Of Alliance And Forming A New Academy Checkmat

Recently, FightinglifestyleUAE had the chance to catch up with Leo Vieira for an informative interview. The individuals, who is a multiple time ADCC and World Champion and perhaps best known for being the founder of the team CheckMat, provided the interviewers with more insight to what many regard to be one of the most controversial creation and successful teams in the entire world. CheckMat has created an incredible legacy that fans all over the world love to follow, with Leo Veira spearheading their operation.

In addition to discussing the team, Leo Vieira would go on to talk about the unique culture that CheckMat has representing it, and he discusses what the team is about. Leo Vieira also takes the time to talk about what kind of skills are needed to coach champions competing at this tremendous level in the field. He discusses his strategies and advice, providing insight to would be champions out there. Finally, Leo Vieira also goes on to talk about some of the new rules that are set by the IBJJF, and he gives the interviewers his opinion of those rules and what they mean to him.


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