Jiu Jitsu Times Weekly Challenge: Always Attacking

There are various submissions that can be executed that are considered “wrong” or “unorthodox.”  Specifically speaking, there are submissions that you can land from bottom side control, inside the closed guard or  worse yet when you have someone back mounted on you, and even bottom mount.  These submissions are NOT considered sound jiu jitsu, but if you are constantly aware of them, you can actually pull off some really cool stuff.

This week’s Jiu Jitsu Times Weekly Challenge is intended to help you open your mind to submissions that you would have otherwise not gone for.  Regardless of success, at least twice per rolling session go for a submission from an inferior position or from inside the closed guard.  Disclaimer: if you’re just getting started with jiu jitsu, don’t do this challenge.  It relies on using bad technique to achieve good results, and you should use your time training in other ways for now, but I’ll have something good for you next week!

There are plenty of examples of people hitting wrist locks and Ezekiel chokes inside of the closed guard.  Also, there are heel hook entries available upon opening the guard.  The textbook approach to dealing with guard is to pass it, but sometimes it can help to make your opponent nervous enough to open up the guard prematurely.  That’s where submissions from inside the closed guard come into play.

Similarly, attacking wrist locks from bottom mount is not as high risk as one may think.  Granted if you go for a wrist lock from bottom mount against a black belt, and you’re a white belt there’s a good chance they will be able to capitalize on it.  That said, just be aware of possible attacks.

These attacks from inferior position will be very low percentage and risky.  The truth is, what they accomplish has less to do with momentary success and more to do with a mindset: always be looking to attack.  Always be aware of possible submissions.  There will come a point where these attacks simply won’t work.  When dealing with a high level opponent, your likelihood of armbarring them from bottom side control is very low.  However, knowing how to threaten submission from everywhere will change the pace of a match and make you a scarier opponent.

You may even find that a specific setup or submission entry works nicely for you.  I have some leglock entries that I have used on brown and black belts that start in bottom side control or bottom mount.  When someone is in a dominant position they are generally less aware of the potential of being attacked.

This challenge may not be your cup of tea.  I’ve personally found that in doing it I have found new pathways to submissions, and have a lot more fun rolling in the process.


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